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Massive New Funko Pop

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Tournament of Power

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Starting next Thursday, June 21 at 6pm, we will be holding weekly video gaming tournaments here in the store! First off it will be Dragon Ball Fighterz on PS4 (bring your own controller if at all possible). There’s a facebook page set up that will contain more info and scheduling, the events will be free to start with but we may have some with entry fees and prizing as time goes on.

So if you enjoy fighting games, come on in Thursday evenings and smash some virtual faces!

 Hosted by Stock Reset and Gator Byte Computers & Entertainment

The Tournament of Power is a series of weekly fighting game tournaments presented by Stock Reset hosted at Gatorbyte Computers & Entertainment. These events will be held every Thursday evening starting at 6PM.

The first tournament will be held on Thursday June 21st and the game will be Dragon Ball Fighterz on PS4. We will be holding Samsh bros. for Wii U and Street Fighter 5 tournaments as well so stay tuned for more information on those!

We hope to see you there!

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All I See Is You – Movie

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Check this movie out if you haven’t. I really liked it, it’s not all chick flick in this movie, an unforgivable thing to do to the one you love because you are insecure. We have it for rent at our store.

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Terrain For Warhammer

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A terrain build and painted by a friend/customer for our store.  Very awesome work isn’t it.  You can buy all these stuff including the paint and brushes at Gator Byte.   We have many varieties of terrain that you can choose from and it takes a lot of work and an articulate hand to make something like that.  But the satisfaction of the finish work is priceless.  Come check us out for all your Warhammer accessories and goodies, we do have the most honest prices in town.


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It’s Already June 2018

June 7, 2018 - Filed Under Business |

Yes , it’s already June 2018 ! where has the time gone ?   Time does fly and it’s because we are so busy , we don’t really have time to write up on the many exciting things that we’ve been doing.

But since Christmas , we have been stocking up on more goodies for everyone and as you all know we are big on supporting our local community and have been doing a lot of fund – raising .

And all in all life is good and business is good as well , we cannot complain and we thank all our customers , old and new for your continuous support.

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Kind Fishermen

May 31, 2018 - Filed Under Life, NS, This Town, Yarmouth |

A few days ago, I’ve asked our customers/friends who are fishermen to bring me one lobster each, so that I can give someone (a lady) some lobsters for the end of the season.   Well , Chad & Ashley gave me the first lobster and I bought some from Ryan to make up for the ones I wanted to give to a lady in our town.

At Gator Byte, we are all about giving back to the people of this town and to help as we deem fit and we most certainly am grateful to Chad & Ashley and Ryan for helping me to give back to others.   Sure not every fishermen came with a lobster but 2 did and I’m forever grateful to these 2 fishermen and their wives.

It was really good to be able to give a bag of 5 lobsters to this family because they were certainly surprised and thanks to Jeff Trask for finding out if she was home for me.  You are all wonderful people, God bless you.

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World’s Best Cream Review

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A few years ago , my knees were so painful and I literally cannot walk. I figured it was arthritis and besides painkillers there was nothing that would worked. I tried all kinds of gel and heat pads but nope , nada !
World’s best cream (my daughter calls it magic cream) because it worked immediately after putting it on and I couldn’t believed it myself. I told Chris that it was just psychological but it isn’t . I was able to walk up and down the hill to Red Shed after a week and now I still use it every night even though it doesn’t hurt a lot anymore. I don’t know what it is , but it works. This roll on is a new product and I love how easy it is to use and carry around.
We do carry World’s Best Cream at our store , even though it’s a wee bit more expensive than most product , this product worked for me.

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Black Panther

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If you haven’t watched Black Panther , you have to come in and rent it. I , normally only like chick flicks but this one was really good. The visual effects alone is worth watching , the movie was pretty magnificent on the whole. We have it on DVD and Blu – Ray. $3 and $4 tax incl. at Gator Byte on Main Street , Yarmouth.

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D & D Charity Event to Fight Cancer

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And our Epic event begins. D & D Charity Event to Fight Cancer !! folks you don’t have to play to donate , you can come in and donate to fight Cancer . ! This event is a collaboration with Halifax , Fredericton and Yarmouth. 18 Tables in total organized by Aaron Wells and here in Yarmouth , we have Nick Shelley and Jeff Raine taking time out from their busy schedules to be the administrators. We thank everyone for coming for this Epic event here at Gator Byte and cannot have a better group of people together. Opening on Sundays isn’t our usual thing but for charity , you know you can count on us. Everyone enjoy and have loads of fun which I’m sure you will.

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Bag Of Holding From Think Geek

May 20, 2018 - Filed Under Business, Fun, gadgets, gaming |

In conjunction with the Charity event, we sponsored a Bag of Holding from Think Geek to encourage more people to come join this meaningful event.  So at the end of the event, Charla Killam  won the Epic prize.  Congrats Charla !

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